Published: Short Stories

This year, I have been fortunate enough to have three of my short stories published by literary websites. You can read them at the links below.

Birth to Snakes

Litro Magazine

“Everyone in the town of Paradise Brook remembered where they first heard Lily Mattison had given birth to snakes.”


Before the Bomb

Ash Tales: Stories of the Apocolypse

“As I study her sitting half-undressed on my cot, I realize I recognize her from before the bomb.”


One of Us

Mojave He[art] Review

You’re the robot, right?

People think they know us. I guess they do. The people who’ve seen every interview we’ve done since we were kids, who’ve analyzed every clip of us blinking or sneezing, they know us. Or at least a version of us. And maybe that’s enough.

I know a couple versions of myself. There’s one that’s human and one that’s robot. One of them is real, but I know as much about that as anyone else.”

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